Book Signing

Had my first ever book signing at “Hooked on Books ” in downtown Colorado Springs on April 30, 2022. Nice time , good turnout. This is the email ad sent out by the store before the event.

Hear a Poet with Heart

Colorado Poet
Dennis McMahon

Reading & Signing
A Place Called Alice
(Alice, is the town in North Dakota, where Dennis grew up)
Here at Hooked on Books, 1 to 3 pm Saturday April 30,
Bring your friends!
With light refreshments

From his title poem; “A Journey of No Distance

Though I am alone and far from there
I have them with me still those things I love.
The winter nights
The Northern lights
Summer’s yellow green
The amber gold of fall
And quiet
Quiet so quiet almost I feel
I’m an interloper in a foreign land—

When the crystal shard of a Meadowlark at song
Serves it seems
Only to defy the silence
When the haunting call of an austral bound Canada Goose
Vibrates the very ashes of my bones. . .

Come to hear Dennis sharing his poetry and signing his book,
A Place Called Alice,
Saturday, April 30 at 1 to 3 pm
Bring your family and friends

Thank you,

Hooked on Books

Author: Prairiepoet

Having lived most of my life in North Dakota I'm defined by it's open skies, it's endless spaces. My writings are those "journeys without distance" , from my memories to my heart.

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